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    Provide you with high quality power service!

    Focused, focused, professional

    We are committed to the development of China's electric power industry

    Focus, progress, modesty, honesty, professionalism

    Centering on users, we are dedicated to achieving a century-old brand

    Win credibility with quality and expand the market with credibility

    Shanghai variable powerMain Business

    About Us

    Hunan hutransformer electric power technology co., LTD. Is located in hengyang city, yancheng city, a famous historical city with beautiful scenery, at the southern foot of hengshan mountain, "wuyue duxiu".

    The company was registered on November 21, 2011, registered in hengyang city in hunan province to form hunan, Shanghai electric power technology co., LTD., is a core holding company Shanghai become group, the company registered capital of 57.8 million yuan, the company's existing engineering and technical personnel and economic management personnel 53 people, including 8 people associate constructor, engineering and technical personnel 31 people, accounting and economics class specialized personnel 20 people, a power installation, debugging, maintenance and other professional training and logistics, production, such as mount guard staff 110 people, one production line power professional operation personnel 78 people,

    The company implements the management system of the chairman and general manager under the shareholders' meeting, and has 6 functional departments, namely: project engineering department, administrative personnel department, purchasing department, technology department, Marketing Department and finance department.

    Under the jurisdiction of two branches, five participating companies.

    Over the years, the company give full play to the "harmony, modesty, innovation, integrity, pragmatic, seeking, and progressive" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the people-oriented, market-oriented, with development as the theme, focusing on resources integration.

    Company formerly known as hunan huatong electrical technology co., LTD., as a regional sales in hunan Shanghai variable transformer and high and low voltage switchgear, Beijing north two variable transformer is general agent, with annual sales of more than 4500 ten thousand yuan, and brothers qualification call in zhejiang, hunan, engaged in electrical installation project.

    Since 6 years, project performance is rising year by year, from 6 years to complete more than 100 yuan of quantities is gradually increased to 10 years of more than 2000 yuan of quantities, including liu town change project, yueqing white elephants, huang hua retrofit engineering have been well received by the competent department, and quzhou and wenzhou power bureau as ying outsourcing units, through nearly five years of nearly more than 100 (including distribution engineering of hunan institute of technology, hengyang city building low-rent housing for cold woman depression distribution engineering, hengyang county RongYang footwear, Yang footwear, bimodal county winsun footwear,

    Steamed hengyang hunan district people's government, power distribution engineering) retrofit project, city, town of wire mesh repair capacity of project, we have accumulated rich production skills, operation skill, train a large number of outstanding production backbone and management personnel, laid a solid foundation for the development of the company.

    Company basically has realized the modern office equipment, construction personnel specialization, scientific production management, with fixed assets of 20 million yuan, the cash flow basically can satisfy the production, management, life needs, is a very lively, with further development potential enterprise.

    The company gives full play to the corporate spirit of "integrity, pragmatism, pursuit and progress" and insists on putting people first.


    Product Application

    First-class talents, first-class technology, first-class equipment and first-class management constitute a first-class production line.

    Company to ensure the efficient operation of a production line, the use of multi-media, through various channels to improve work efficiency, through training and technical personnel, improve the equipment operational readiness and the automation level of skills, actively promote "6 s" on-site management, strengthen logistics management, improve the workshop results between each team, each post work, reach a consensus, high efficiency, high standards of production consciousness, so as to promote the growth of the economy.


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